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Interested in learning more about massage and wellness? Watch our weekly Blog where Joshua will answer the most frequently asked questions, discuss popular self care tips, demo new massage techniques, and so much more!

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June 17th, 2023 - Weekly Blog, Episode #8
Teeth Whitening.
Weekly Blog #8: Teeth Whitening. Check out our newest Dental Hygienist.


June 11th, 2023 - Weekly Blog, Episode #7
Fire Cupping & Ear Candling!
Weekly Blog #7: Playing with Fire!


May 22nd, 2023 - Weekly Blog, Episode #6
See Joshua get acupuncture for his TMJ.
Weekly Blog #6: Facial Acupuncture for TMJ! - YouTube


May 16th, 2023 - Weekly Blog, Episode #5
We look at pregnancy pillows and what a side lying massage looks like.
Weekly Blog #5: Pregnancy Pillows - YouTube


May 6th, 2023 - Weekly Blog, Episode #4
The benefits of Sound Therapy.
Weekly Blog #4: Sound Therapy - YouTube


April 22nd, 2023 - Weekly Blog, Episode #3
Have you ever considered cupping?
Weekly Blog Episode #3. Cupping!!!! - YouTube


April 22nd, 2023 - Weekly Blog, Episode #2
Today we hear from one of our long-term clients: Dita!
Weekly Blog - Episode #2 - YouTube


April 4th, 2023 - Weekly Blog, Episode #1
Today I answer your most popular frequently asked questions about massage.
Weekly Blog - Episode #1 - YouTube


June 22nd, 2020 - My favorite home massage tools
4 of the best home massage tools.
My favorite home massage tools - YouTube


May 27th, 2020 - Post Massage Stretching
Stretches to help you stay relaxed.
Post Massage Stretching - YouTube


May 2nd, 2020 - Massage at home
Learn a few techniques to massage your partner at home.
Massage at home - YouTube


April 26th, 2020 - Self Care
A little help with being good at self-care.
Self Care - YouTube